23 Ancient Cities to Visit

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  1. 23 ancient cities that have survived more than just time

  2. Ancient sites that have survived centuries, or even millennia, haven't fared so well in the 21st century. The destruction at Palmyra in Syria, the Buddhas at Bamiyan in Afghanistan, and Nimrud's ruins outside Mosul in Iraq show how precarious the future can be. Here are 23 places that offer glimpses into humanity's past, and the ingenuity that people brought to creating wonders without computers or heavy machinery.
  3. Sleep in a luxury floating hotel pod at this futuristic Japanese hotel

  4. Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed amusement park in Sasebo, Japan will soon offer you as many nights as you can afford, floating around in a luxury lodging bubble of pampered bliss. Though a boat might do fine, the innovative resort prefers to provide their guests a watertight hotel pod in which to bob about Omura Bay. Spending the night in a luxury seafaring sphere lets travellers wake up on a different part of a 39,000 square metre island every morning. The island, also care of Huis Ten Bosch, will boast various adventure attractions. It's unsure if the island will be Dutch-themed too, although I'm crossing my fingers for an Escape from Vermeer ride.
  5. Why the dreaded middle seat on a plane could soon be the most popular

  6. The only thing worse than enduring economy class on a long-haul flight is finding yourself consigned to the middle seat for the entire journey. But one US company has proposed a new design that could make the middle seat a more desirable option than both window and aisle.
  7. The World’s Strangest Natural Wonders

  8. Ever played the game of Twister on water? The green, yellow, and brown polka dots that form on British Columbia’s Spotted Lake each summer make it look like you could. It’s a far cry from the stereotypical landscapes of clear blue lakes, rolling green hills, and white-sand beaches that inspire most travelers—and that’s part of what makes strange natural wonders like Spotted Lake so thrilling. A recently discovered cave that grows crystals the size of four-story buildings, a lake the color of a strawberry milkshake, and a glacier that seems to bleed sound like they’re from another planet, but can be seen right here on earth, and they remind us that there’s plenty of mystery left to explore.

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