Zak S Runs a Secret Harassment Group Online

A sordid tale in tweets and pictures


  1. Of course, that's not the only one of Zak's highlights. Zak does not view his targets as people. If he declares you a troll, he thinks you deserve to die in a car crash with no one to help you. What he curiously leaves unsaid is how he recruits people to drive their cars around unsafely...
  2. Zak also (very probably) ran an anonymous harassment blog to attack his targets from "safety". With such wonderful moments as "calling out" FemFreq, asking people to take pictures with Their Black Friends, and so on and forth. 
  3. He's been banned off almost every RPG forum out there. Here's his most infamous ban: 
  4. He's a one-man Gamergate. He uses people as shields, he thinks "trolls" deserve death for disagreeing with him, he coordinates attacks... and until people NOT in the tabletop industry started noticing, it was very hard to get people to care.
  5. If you read this, and you care, thank you.
  6. E: Breaking news. Zak claims his harassment group is just fine, because it includes top industry names in it.
  7. Mike Mearls: Creative mind behind Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Asked for evidence of Zak's harassment of people on the internet while being a member of this circle.
  8. Monte Cook, Shanna Germain: Two names behind the company Monte Cook Games, known for Numenera and an ongoing controversy regarding cultural appropriation in the RPG "The Strange". (Info:  )
  9. Contessa: A women-in-gaming con most infamous for advertising a "non-political" stance, and heavily criticized for that.
  10. Kenneth Hite: RPG industry veteran with wide-reaching connections and a broad spectrum of work, including on D&D. 
  11. Of course, on one hand you could say they are complicit. But Zak's true game is this: He's using the reputation of others to cover for his crime. And the real test lies in how people will respond to being associated with Zak's actions so directly in this manner. I urge everyone who reads this to challenge exactly this from the people they admire.