#ImpTwitter: Twitter For Researchers

Tweets from Imperial College Libraries 'Twitter for Researchers' workshop 21 February 2013. Presented by Jenny Evans (@jennye) and Andrew Day (@doombrarian).


  1. 'Twitter for Researchers' was a 90 minute workshop for research students at Imperial College London, run by Imperial College Libraries. It aimed to introduce researchers to the potential benefits of a professional Twitter presence and provide a practical introduction to using Twitter. The workshop kicked off with Andrew (@Doombrarian) presenting on the basic features and functions of Twitter:

  2. The researchers then created their own Twitter accounts...

  3. ...and their first tweets started appearing:

  4. Once the researchers had signed up, they played a game of 'Twitter Guess Who?', using  tweets describing themselves and the #ImpTwitter hashtag to identify and follow other workshop attendees on Twitter:

  5. Next, Jenny Evans (@jennye) took over to talk about how to use Twitter from a professional, research-focused perspective: