Duffy Strikes Back

Guess who's back? Part 4 of 4.


  1. Background

  2. Here are the links to the previous 3 Storify threads. Part I Part II and Part III.
  3. Pissed Consumer thread edited

  4. This section contained a set of accusations from Duffy that involved a website called Pissed Consumer. To make a long story short, someone posted a highly defamatory post against Duffy in a website called Pissed Consumer using the handle "DrAndresGuadamez" from London. Needless to say, I did not post it, it's Guadamuz, not Guadamez, and it's Hove, actually.
  5. Duffy has been using the Pissed Consumer post to generate another series of attacks:
  6. These tweets were followed by a campaign of harassment (see next section). The campaign was using the Pissed Consumer fake review to sustain the continuing attack. That page has been removed.
  7. So keep this in mind when you read the next series of attacks.
  8. The harassment escalates

  9. The level of harassment has escalated. Duffy has taken to Twitter to post links to three fresh pages filled with bizarre accusations and defaming content. Having read the case, it is clear that I am just the last in a long line of targets, and that she is not going to go away. Her latest tweets:
  10. These point to two self-published pages, one long rant by Duffy herself:
  11. And one in another site I've never heard of, Bad for the People, containing photoshopped picture of me and with highly defamatory content.
  12. This is weird. That's me in a picture, Duffy took the time to photoshop stuff to my name. I feel like laughing, the page is such a blatant hatchet job that I don't even know how to react.
  13. Both above sites were posted close to one another, both have images created using the same software, using the same file format, naming format, font, dpi and resolution.
  14. Then Duffy closes the day's work with a mocking finale.
  15. Of course I will. Perhaps Duffy doesn't realise it, but nothing of what she's done has gained any traction because anyone who reads all of what has happened will evidently realise that there is one harasser here, and it is not me. Leaving aside the above links, which are quite simply nasty, Duffy has called me on Twitter cruel, lazy, cyberbully, bully, coward, vicious, monstrous. And yet I am the aggressor. Her tirades speak for themselves.