Twitter communications with Janice Duffy

Documenting the tweets by Dr Janice Duffy. Part 1 of 4.


  1. See Part 2.
  2. I have been blogging since 2004. Today for the first time a person has threatened me. Dr Janice Duffy has posted that she will be making a complaint about my blog post. The continuation of the story can be found here: 
  3. It all began when I read about the Duffy v Google decision from social media:
  4. To which I responded:
  5. Edited to add these two tweets (very relevant later):
  6. It seems like Dr Duffy was on the lookout for disagreement, she replied:
  7. And I answered:
  8. Things quieted down. I took time to read the entire case. Yes, all of it. Then I checked the links, and was amused by what I thought was a bad legal decision. So I went and wrote this blog post:
  9. All hell broke loose. Here follows Dr Duffy's Twitter tirade. Apparently I am now a cyberbully. Judge for yourselves:
  10. I briefly tried to engage.