Documenting threats from Janice Duffy

This Storify will document bizarre threats and claims by Janice Duffy. Part 3 of 4.


  1. See Part 4.
  2. So, I published an article a couple of weeks ago about an intermediary liability decision in Australia. This brought me to the unwanted attention of the person involved in that case, who asked me to amend my opinion or she would be taking action against me. I did not comply, and after a long burst of threats, she quieted down (if you are curious about the previous communications, I documented them with two Storify pages, see the first and second).
  3. (Update) Looks like Janice Duffy has deleted several of the tweets here. As you will see, she had no reason to react the way she did, and her tweets were practically defamatory on their own right. Thankfully, Storify keeps the text of the tweet even after deletion, which is one of the reasons why I am using it to document her ongoing harassment.
  4. Now Dr Duffy is back accusing me of defamation in what I can only describe as a bizarre and convoluted series of tweets directed at UK MPs, the Daily Mail, and Prime Minister David Cameron. She claims:
  5. But here is the thing, I didn't write anything in Gizmodo, until I got the Twitter notifications from Janice Duffy, I wasn't even aware that I had been published by them!
  6. It all began when I published an article in The Conversation about hyper-linking following the leaking of a draft proposal by the European Commission. Pretty mundane stuff that has nothing to do at all with Dr Duffy.
  7. This article is published under a Creative Commons licence, and it allows re-publishing if the source is linked and cited, and the authorship is properly attributed. For example, I republished the article in my blog. Because it is under a CC licence, neither The Conversation nor me need to give permission for re-publication. It has been published in other places, such as this site.
  8. Someone in Gizmodo took the article from The Conversation and re-published it, obviously under my name as required by the licence.
  9. As I mentioned I didn't even know that Gizmodo had re-published. Everything seemed to be going well, there were some interesting comments made by participants, and then Gizmodo user Ninety-9 left a negative comment about how Dr Janice Duffy wants to remove links from the Internet! Needless to say, I have nothing to do with the article and the comment, I didn't even know that the page existed until today.
  10. I suspect that Dr Duffy has set a Google notification, but she seems to have missed completely that this is a comment and I did not write it. She went immediately into attack, claiming that I am defaming her, humiliating her, cyber-bullying her, and asking The Daily Mail and the Minister of State for Universities and Science to look into the case.
  11. I now attach the series of tweets from Dr Duffy. As always, judge for yourself. Warning, the tweets come with a screenshot of the Gizmodo comment, so they may take a little long to load:
  12. I briefly tried to engage, but she's not answering.
  13. So things escalate quickly. She asks the University for contact details to file a complaint about a comment I did not write, accusing me of defamation.
  14. I am still not sure if she has actually read the article and assumes that I wrote the comments. Does she think that I wrote the comment myself? Does she think that the comment is part of the article? Or does she simply think that I am responsible for the comments of an article that I did not even post myself?
  15. Then she claims that she will complain to the UK government.
  16. And then she decides to include into the conversation the Secretary of State!