Documenting communications from Janice Duffy (Part II)

The previous document became too long. Part 2 of 4.


  1. See Part 3.
  2. This is the second part of a series. You can read the previous Storify for context here 
  3. To recap, I wrote a post in my personal blog about the case of Duffy v Google. I disagreed with the decision and, based on the facts of the case, gave my honest opinion. Dr Duffy, who sued Google, has been threatening me ever since unless I remove my post or amend it.
  4. Here is my blog post
  5. You can read Dr Duffy's reaction in the previous Storify. I have been delighted by the amount of people who have expressed support, although I won't be including those here. Thanks and you know who you are.
  6. The remarkable thing is that I am not the first one. Back in June, Duffy threatened to sue Techdirt.
  7. She even threatened to use the DMCA take-down procedure to remove potentially defamatory statements. I kid you not.
  8. After the Australian decision, others have posted similar comments to my blog post. Many believe that the principle of the decision is wrong and it damages how the Internet works. We are allowed to disagree and call out what we believe is a bad decision and give opinions.
  9. and
  10. Because she has had form on this subject, several people have gotten together on Twitter to discuss the decision and the harassment.
  11. Unsurprisingly, Duffy shows up to call us "sore losers"