Aaminah Shakur

artist, doula, editor, healer, poet, teacher, writer, QWOC force of nature, #binders

Disgruntled Haradrim

speculative fiction writer. ABD dissertation wrangler. historian-in-training. lecturer. blogger. SFF cultural critic. political rambler. snarky-mc-snarkison III

Marisa Parham

author. amplifier. professor @ Amherst C. + director & cultivator of media, digital, & tech ecologies @5collDH #DigitalHumanities #5cDH {fws,✬,RTs≠Endorsements}


Verbose chatterbox, self-appointed smartypants.

Khadijah J Here2Slay

Biocultural Anthro PhD Student, health disparities & racism scholar, #BlackFeministPanAfricanist, Black Humanist, 4 Intersectional Political Liberation & Equity

Creatrix Tiara

interdisciplinary iconoclast & creatrix of awesome. burlesque, circus, improv, performance art, culture, writing, creativity, activism, race, queer, sexuality

Brittany Brathwaite

Researcher & Community Organizer @GGENYC| Hip Hop Feminist | Reproductive Justice Activist| MSW/MPH student @Columbia |Policy Shorty| Sex Educator |

Terri Adele Robinson


Political Scientist with a special interest in Intersectional Feminism & Cultural change. MPA, Sociology minor. #p2 #fem2 Also @CodifyMyLove & @BitchIsASlur

Kimberlynn Acevedo

Jane of all trades. Intersectional feminist. Puppy ogler. MPH candidate. Sex & Social Justice aficionado.


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Likes: peace, choice, community solidarity, direct action Dislikes: fundamentalism,hunger, violence, the status quo

Paula Edgar, PGE LLC

Lawyer, Speaker, Writer, Pop Culture Commentator, Networker, diversity advocate, celebrity watcher, tv junkie, all around fantastic person...You'll love me..

Irreplaceable. Loyal. Attractive in the right light.

Allison Granted

Cis Woman, Mother, Programmer, Bisexual, Atheist, Humanist, Intersectional Feminist, Chocolate Lover, Geek