Juanita Crider

Grandmother, grinding graduate student. Research: sexuality and senior black women in literature, film, television, art, music . Grew up in Baltimore, Md!

The Contrarian

Black Feminist, Revolutionary, Catholic, TCK, Writer, Entrepreneur and Hackademic #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #BlackTransLivesMatter #AllBlackLivesMatter

Monique Jones

Writer of race and culture in media at http://t.co/B1g2rijNHV. New @EW community contributor. Not all rts=endorsements. monique@moniqueblog.net

Marlo D. David

Literature Professor. Black Cultural Studies Scholar. Feminism(s). Mothering While Black. Vintage/Thrift Everything.

Elias Ortega

Afro-Latino Scholar, Facilitator, and Educator. Drew University Theological School


couchside, poolside, punkside, beyside

Aaminah Shakur

artist, doula, editor, healer, poet, teacher, writer, QWOC force of nature, #binders

Disgruntled Haradrim

speculative fiction writer. ABD dissertation wrangler. historian-in-training. lecturer. blogger. SFF cultural critic. political rambler. snarky-mc-snarkison III

Marisa Parham

author. amplifier. professor @ Amherst C. + director & cultivator of media, digital, & tech ecologies @5collDH #DigitalHumanities #5cDH {fws,✬,RTs≠Endorsements}


Verbose chatterbox, self-appointed smartypants.

DATT Freedom School

DATT Freedom School is an online political education work study group that hosts seminar based tweet chats. Tweets are by @Pundit_AcadEMIC

Creatrix Tiara

signs up for anything that looks interesting. creatrix of awesome. liminality, culture, identity, tech, activism, performance, travel, intersectionality.

Brittany Brathwaite

Researcher & Community Organizer @GGENYC| Hip Hop Feminist | Reproductive Justice Activist| MSW/MPH student @Columbia |Policy Shorty| Sex Educator |

Terri Adele Robinson


Political Scientist with a special interest in Intersectional Feminism & Cultural change. MPA, Sociology minor. #p2 #fem2 Also @CodifyMyLove & @BitchIsASlur