Twitter & Sustainability Thought Leadership

GreenBiz Forum 2015 #TweetLead Session, with Andrea Learned, Marlene Towns, Bruno Sarda and Peggy Ward


  1. To kick off, we discussed our experiences and how we each came to understand Twitter's power for building community and developing leadership. Then, we discussed the difference between seeing it as marketing/communications (and something your company's marcomm team "handled") and seeing it as an individual practice, done with intention for professional development purposes. Bruno brought up Dell's incredible commitment to training all employees to use it that way (as individuals/leaders) via a program called SMaC U.
  2. (For background: Marlene spoke in May 2014 at Yale Center for Customer Insights, on her social media research- that link is below)
  3. All Social Media Sites are Not Created Equal, Marlene Towns, Georgetown
  4. We also talked about approaching your use of Twitter as a "listening and learning network" rather than seeing it as a broadcasting platform.
  5. Peggy closed the session with the story of moving from "fear of crowd" to "strength with crowd" as demonstrated by Kimberly Clark's relationship with Greenpeace.