CSR, Social Media & Truth in the #ageofdamage

The story - told via tweets/copy/links and related videos around David Jones SXSW 2013 presentation.


  1. David Jones, Global CEO of Havas, author of Who Cares Wins, and co-founder of One Young World, presented the #ageofdamage session at SXSW 2013. (Below photo is not from that session/ is Creative Commons)
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  3. 2000 - 2010 was the “age of advantage” with regard to social media and csr.  Companies that stepped up and were more transparent, honest and authentic with their communications gained a unique advantage.


    2010 – present is the “age of damage.”  Companies/brands that continue to be irresponsible and opaque are publicly and harshly taken to task over social media channels. The power of social media has drastically changed the business world. 

    Think about Greg Smith’s NYT public resignation letter from Goldman Sachs. Prior to the age of damage, that’d be in a file in the GS HR department causing no repercussions for the brand. In the new world, that went global in a number of hours.

  4. Consider how viral the fake BP PR twitter feed went after the oil spill. 
  5. When the worst possible thing happens via social media, you have to stop lying...
  6. Bodyform Responds :: The Truth
  7. 86% of people believe it’s important that companies stand for something other than just profitability

  8. David Jones closed with a request to help the organization he co-founded, One Young World,  elevate young leaders of the world.  "Like" them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, Sponsor young people attending the South African conference this year.

  9. David Jones book: Who Cares Wins