What Can I Do: How to Support LBGTQUIA+ People


  1. These tweets were written in the wake of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. As of writing, this act of terrorism is the deadliest shooting attack in US history. The motive for the shooting is unknown to me at this time, but it is important to note that this was a gay nightclub that catered to LBGT+ clientele, that the shooting happened while the club was holding a Latinx event, and that this month is both Pride month and Immigration Heritage month. The shooter has been reported to be Muslim. I have no further information than this at this time. (06/12/2016)
  2. I have written a series of tweets detailing ways to support for Muslim, Latinx, and queer people in the wake of this tragedy. I will be using the terms "queer", "LBGTQUIA+", and "QUILTBAG" in a largely interchangeable manner in these tweets. QUILTBAG is an acronym used by some members of the queer community, defined below.
  3. Q = Queer and Questioning
  4. U = Undecided (which some people prefer to Questioning)
  5. I = Intersex and Intergender
  6. L = Lesbian
  7. T = Transgender
  8. B = Bisexual and Bigender
  9. A = Asexual and Aromantic and Agender (NOTE: A does NOT stand for "Ally".)
  10. G = Gay and Genderqueer