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Chronic Pain, Disability, and Opioid Access

[Content Note: Pain, Disability, Addiction, Self-Harm]


  1. First, I'd like to talk about what chronic pain sufferers currently live with under the CDC's rules of mandatory 3-month doctor re-evaluations and 1-month prescription limits on opioid scripts.
  2. Note: Doctor-Patient confidentiality does NOT exist for those of us on opioid prescriptions. This makes it difficult for us disabled people to talk about the issues we have, and makes it nearly impossible for able-bodied people living with addiction to seek the help they need, due to the specter of legal intervention in the room with us.
  3. Note: All of the above is what we ~currently~ suffer through under the rules of mandatory 3-month re-evaluations and 1-month prescription limits. Below are the new CDC guidelines which are WORSE in a pretense of addressing opioid addiction among able-bodied users.