Becoming a Web 2.0 Philanthropy at RWJF

This Storify story highlights the philanthropy and Web 2.0 discussion from a webinar and twitter chat hosted by RWJF's Claire Gibbons and Steve Downs. The story reflects the values of openness, participation, and decentralization at play in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Web 2.0 strategy.

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  1. Has your foundation embraced Web 2.0? Do you have a strategy to incorporate these tools into your organization? These are the questions Steve Downs, chief technology and information officer at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), and Claire Gibbons, a senior program officer at RWJF, faciliated during a 90 minute webinar on Thursday, May 17.

  2. This story is not comprehensive, but touches on many of the principles discussed during the webinar. 

    For the full presentation, click here.
  3. Answering these questions has been top of mind for RWJF. Steve articulated RWJF's journey to becoming a Web 2.0 Philanthropy in a Transparency Talk blog post in January.
  4. Claire Gibbons debuted the logic model she and Victoria Dougherty developed in an article featured in May's issue of Evidence Matters. 
  5. The conversation and enthusiasm surrounding this event is a prime example of the values and outcomes RWJF is seeking through its Web 2.0 presence:
  6. Steve Downs began the webinar by asking how participants use social media tools, both personally and professionally. He shared the questions RWJF began asking when it entered the Web 2.0 space, and described current levels of social media participation by staff.
  7. Tapping into networks, encouraging participants to share their points of view, and highlighting other's expertise were all on full display!