Day One: Stories About Science: Exploring Science Communication & Entertainment Media

This Wellcome Trust-funded two-day symposium brought together scholars from across disciplines to explore the communication of science through entertainment media in order to uncover new ways of approaching, understanding, and theorizing about this topic.


  1. A full programme of events can be found here. A full record of all tweets sent using the #SciStories2015 hashtag and the @SciEntLab account can be found below. For the latest from ‘The Science and Entertainment Lab’ please take a look at the website.

  2. Public Lecture: Kevin R. Grazier 'Hollyweird Science' (3rd June 2015)

  3. See here for a Storify of @SciEntLab's live-tweet of this talk: "Kevin R. Grazier: Hollyweird Science"

  4. Day one of 'Stories about Science' (4th June 2015)