"Candygirl" Lecture with Author Mohamed Tawfik

Mohamed Tawfik, Egypt’s ambassador to The United States, gave a lecture on Thursday, Nov. 6 about his novel "Candygirl" at The American University in Cairo (AUC), to talk about imagination as part of the One Book, One Conversation, One community Reading Initiative.


  1. Bassily Hall was packed with students and faculty members. The event started with professor Doris Jones, senior instructor at the Department of Rhetoric and Composition, having the audience find their seats and asking them to remain quiet. In an instance the noise levels dropped and the event was ready to start.
  2. Unfortunately, some our tweets had errors so the correct version of this would be "One Book, One Conversation, One Community with "Candygirl" author Mohamed Tawfik is about to launch in Bassily Hall (AUC)."
  3. Tawfik talked briefly about his work and achievements as well as what inspired him to write stories: his experiences with Egyptian workers.
  4. "Arabic" should have been capitalized in this tweet.
  5. As the lecture progressed, Tawfik’s main topic was presented. He talked of the creative interactions between the author and the reader, believing that “the act of reading is essentially an act of creation.” What the reader imagines is almost more important than what the author envisions.
  6. "Good" should not have been capitalized here and imagination is misspelled.
  7. Here Tawfik bridged the gap between his job as an ambassador and his love for writing by seeing the two as supporting each other and being part of the workings of both.
  8. Tawfik talked about the interactions between the reader and the novel; the reader's imagination being as equally important as the author's.
  9. He also shed light as to why he chose certain settings for his novels and what he wanted the reader to experience.
  10. Jones informed us as to how "Candygirl" was selected to be part of their project. The book title should have been between quote marks in this tweet.
  11. After the lecture a Q&A session took place as well as private interviews with reporters.
  12. As the lecture was over and most interviews with Tawfik were completed, we decided to have some fun by taking a "selfie" with the ambassador. This tweet should have said "A selfie with Egyptian Ambassador Mohamed Tawfik after an inspiring and interesting lecture."