LOVE: Muslim-American Style

Often portrayed as forced brides and oppressed unhappy wives at the hands of their uncaring and violent husbands, sharing an intimate look into the wedding celebrations and love of young, Muslim-Americans through their wedding videos shows a different story.


  1. Over the years I have attended weddings in the Middle East, ranging from crowded Cairo (where I was married) to exclusive Dubai. Upon return stateside, Muslim weddings in America may be as simple as a community dinner celebration at the mosque or as lavish as the Biltmore in Los Angeles. Within the Muslim-American community, each wedding has its own unique style as the brides juggle cultures, though the new generation seems to have found synthesis as the videos below display.
    With the wedding compilations, I hope to share generally, private, familial moments within the American Muslim community through the wedding videos and film style cinematography, as precious moments coalesce to form a story of each family. Various wedding photographers have captured Muslims bonding, having fun, dancing, proud fathers, loving husbands, happy women and children and most of all laughter and LOVE.
  2. The bride and groom Aliyah and Esau, began their wedding video with a visit to an iconic ice cream truck at their venue. The video then shifts to a prayer in the mosque and onto a South Asian influenced  'mish-mash chic' style, complete with marital contract signing. Totally gorgeous pink sitting area!
  3. Aliyah+Esau :: Next Day Edit!
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  5. A 'Wedding 101' on the diversity of the Muslim-American and weddings.
  6. Muslim marriages throughout North America often reflect the diversity of the Muslim population.Although some aspects of an Islamic wedding are fairly consistent among Muslims – specifying a gift to the bride (mahr), signing a marriage contract (nikkah), and hosting separate receptions for women and men are a few examples – each culture brings unique traditions to an Islamic wedding celebration.
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  7. The article below describes wedding traditions from other countries, especially those of South Asia, that may be incorporated into the Muslim-American wedding. It is useful in understanding the titles of some of the videos as some are part of  multiple day ceremonies.
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  9. Sara and Ershen Ali-The photographers explain "The fusion of these two beautiful cultures coming together, Lebanese and Pakistani, was orchestrated flawlessly. They held a traditional Muslim ceremony at The Four Seasons of Beverly Hills with their closest friends and family to witness, followed by a fun filled evening of dancing."
    This couple opts for western wedding apparel,mainstream venue and a vow type ceremony.
  10. Watch the wedding here!
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  12. Hanan and Mehdi invite us into their home to share their engagement party in Las Vegas, NV, complete with a man in the kitchen! This family has men and women congregating in different rooms most of the times with the exception of the ring exchange and photos.
  13. Shots from their wedding day! Traditional and Western wedding dresses.