Muslims are utilizing social media and other campaigns to counter anti-Islamic sentiment and racism. The Twitter campaign #myjihad is a response to the derogatory ads on public transportation and the Islamophobia industry, while placing it within the larger picture.


  1. Muslims are using social media and other positive campaigns to counter anti-Islam messages in the wake of global protests — some violent — over a controversial video about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, and anti-Muslim posters plastered in New York City subway stations.

    The Facebook campaign as a response to the advertisement

  2. The Twitter campaign and ensuing town hall meetings.

  3. Jihad 101:An Islamic viewpoint on the concept of jihad with Muslim intellectual Dr.Tariq Ramadan.

  4. Jihad: A Way Towards Peace
  5. A video with background information on the legal issues on the Islamophobic ads.

  6. Controversial 'Defeat Jihad' ad to appear in NYC subways
  7. Responses to the ads vary-Religious organizations come together to condemn hate speech, such as this post in solidarity with Muslims.

  8. A graffiti response by Mona El Tahawy who got arrested for defacing the ad.

  9. Egyptian-born activist Mona Eltahawy defaces 'anti jihad' ad- New York Post
  10. The Islamophobic industry is revealed in the report-Fear Inc below

  11. Fear Inc - buying Islamaphobia
  12. Interacting with the Islamophobes and Islamophobic Dialogue:

    One aspect that is yet to be covered is how the majority of everyday, regular Muslims relate to Jihad, and what it means to them. Today, in response to Geller’s racist ad campaign calling Muslims and Arabs “savages” whilst juxtaposing “Supporting Israel” with “Defeating Jihad,” Muslims (and non-Muslims) have taken to Twitter to relate what Jihad means to them with the hashtag #MyJihad (h/t: Fred A.). Here’s a description from the Facebook page about the impetus for the campaign below-