Young Muslim Women Undercover

A look through various types of media at one of the most controversial and misunderstood groups of people in the West and perhaps the world: Muslim women.


  1. Type the word Muslim into Google images and a plethora of images of violent, angry males appear. Muslim women and the 'veil' or 'hijab' have not escaped the Western gaze either and are often objectified and mysterious, seen as oppressed in need of rescue or as a security threat of some sort.
    If one was finally able to step beyond the pages of an Orientalized novel, where Muslim women no longer is the object of her story, but rather narrating her own story, what would they find? Young Muslim 'covered' women are making their way.

  2. Sisterdarity

  3. Hijabi Fashion Week Online
    The exclusivity of fashion and couture weeks around the globe have not stopped young Muslim women who have incorporated hijab into the world of fashion. Hijabi Fashion Week incorporates a global networks of female fashion bloggers culminating in the online bi-annual event in an effort to dispel stereotypes over how Muslim women look and live, including their own fashion house: Hijab House.
  5. Australia
    Hijab House
  6. "We wanted to give hijab a story and empower young Muslim women by fusing fashion  and culture"

  7. Faith, fashion, fusion :: Hijab House
  8. UK
    Dina Tokio

    A Fashion Designer of "hijabi chic" who "wants to open stores worldwide and have shows in New York Fashion Week!"
  9. USA
    Hijabistas: Inside the World of Muslim American Fashion
    Young American women merge the cultural divide through their Islamic Fashion with a "twist."
  10. Hijabistas: Inside the World of Muslim-American Fashion
  11. "I embody a lot of things" and "I'm telling a story that people aren't  telling."

    Nzinga Knight-New York Fashion Designer
    As New York Fashion Week begins at Lincoln Center, Knight will be showing her line of modest high fashion for women.
    "The fact I'm in New York, a native New Yorker, and New York is very much about style, what's fresh, what's hot."
  12. Haute Muslimah Fashion Blog
    Aspires to "gives a fresh perspective on the world of fashion." Begun by a young, Muslim-American woman and mother who saw a need for discussion about wearable fashion for the Muslim woman. She began writing in 2009 as a way to give women who love fashion, and their religion, a place to find ideas on modest style. She focuses on high fashion, couture and runway, and shows you how to take trends and style them in a modest way.
  13. Hijabtrendz Fashion Blog-
    Claims to have the first ever "hijabi dress up game " and refer to it as a "positive and fun" free game where players dress up a virtual avatar with modest ware including hijabs that they customize by the name of "Hijab Me" [which is also the name of their make up line].
    More on Islamic spaces including hijabi avatars and Second Life storefronts that sell Islamic clothing for avatars may be explored in Krystina Derrickson's Second Life and The Sacred: Islamic Space in a Virtual World.
  14. Check out virtual "Hijab Me"
  15. Youtube and its ability to self produce has launched careers for real life sisters Blair and Elle Fowler who turned make up tutorials, shopping hauls and fashion tips into popularity. It has even provided them with a part in NY Fashion Week as well as a book. Other youtube celebs have been hired to promote products via youtube and some have even secured their own brands for the market.
    Vlogger and Muslim-American Yasemin Kanar aka Fashion, Scarf, and Make-up Stylist YazTheSpaz89- imitates many young women on youtube who display the growing trend of showing their audience their outfit of the day, but she represents a Muslim perspective by choosing long clothing items and topping it off with a hijab [which she provides tutorials for] in what she calls "modern hijabi" style featuring clothes from H&M, Forever 21 and the like! #hijabipride
  16. Hijabi Outfit of the Day #4