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We know there are as many as 2,500 happy AU couples, we were so happy to hear from you for our first AU Sweethearts Social Media project. If you didn't share your story last year, we hope to hear from you this year! Tell us your AU love story:

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  1. AU Sweethearts 2014

  2. Amy Lessler, SOC/BA ’06, and Allison Shaw, CAS/BA ’05

    Allison: Our actual first date was a failed attempt at a movie and dinner on Bethesda Row, but the movie sold out. In my mind, our official first date was to Ben and Jerry's on Free Cone Day in Dupont Circle. We were having such a great time that we hopped on the bus to Georgetown to the other Ben and Jerry's location for another free cone and more talking!

    Amy: We still try to get to free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s every year to commemorate one of our first dates.
  3. Christyn Enser, SOC/BA ’14, and Bryan Sullivan, CAS/BA ’13

    Christyn: I met Bryan in 2010 when we both lived in Leonard Hall. He was really nice to everyone on the floor and made it a welcoming environment. He would always bake cookies and offer to share them with anyone who wanted them. When it was Valentine's Day he made every girl on the floor an origami valentine. He left mine on my door with a cute note because I was out. I still have it!

    Bryan: If I had never come to American University, I would have never met my beautiful fiancé and been living the wonderful life that I am today!
  4. Robert DiChiara, CAS/BA ’50, and Joyce DiChiara

    Robert: On a beautiful Sunday afternoon I was returning from a tennis match, and the campus was deserted. Walking past the girls dorm (Mary Graydon Hall), I saw a beautiful woman and a gentleman standing perplexed looking into the trunk of their car with Florida plates. I said, "Can I help you?" They said, "We have to get this crate of oranges to our daughter's room on the second floor." I don't recall any male student in those days ever being on the second floor of the girls dorm so I immediately volunteered! I picked up the crate and delivered it to the room of Joyce Sica.

    Joyce was gorgeous when we married and is still gorgeous now. THAT'S 62 YEARS AGO AND I WOULD MARRY HER AGAIN IN A NEW YORK MINUTE! We have been very fortunate to have a story book romance. We lived in the same house on Long Island for 47 years and moved to Florida in 2000. Together we traveled the world. We have two overachieving children. If it wasn't for my education at AU and all the wonderful friends we both made while there (many of my fraternity brothers and her sorority sisters married) this might never have been. We both "Treasure our memories of AU" because that is truly where our lives together began. For me, she still is the most wonderful woman in the world.
  5. Joellen Kriss-Broubalow, CAS/BA ’09, CAS/MAT ’10, and Justin Broubalow, CAS/BA ’09

    Joellen: I met Justin through a friend freshman or sophomore year. We started taking some of the same classes junior year and became more friendly. I always thought he was the kind of guy I would end up with, but he always had a girlfriend. We got together senior year after an invite to a sorority event (that didn't really pan out) we got closer and eventually started dating.

    Justin: I asked for permission to marry Joellen and bought the ring about a month before actually doing it. My plan was to propose at the Lincoln Memorial because of her love for Abe. I casually suggested we go to the monuments at night, which is something hardly anyone does after freshman year, but I harped on the nostalgia factor (this was two years after we graduated in 2009).

    Joellen: I had missed every sign leading up to it (my sister insisting on having my camera, her offer to paint my nails the night before, their insistence on walking almost the whole length of the National Mall...) and was so shocked. But of course I said yes and we married in April of 2014.

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  6. Caitlin McCann, SIS/BA ’07, and Martin Hermida, SIS/BA ’07

    Caitlin: In true SIS fashion, our first date was actually in Cologne, Germany over the summer.

    Martin: We met during a US-China-Japan relations class. She seemed to have acid humor, too intelligent, is gorgeous and didn't care to impress anyone even though she did.  It took us 10 years of back and forth until we actually came together, but those first few years of both friendship and dating at AU hold a really special place for both of us. I can't imagine how my life would have turned out otherwise.
  7. Emily Roseman, SOC/BA ’12, and Ty Tillett, SPA/BA ’12

    To propose, Ty took me back to the site of our first date at the Lincoln Memorial. (On our first date, Ty took a stumble at the top of the steps, but the night was saved when an impromptu fireworks show lit up the night sky. It was the perfect combination of hilarious and magical.) The proposal was a complete surprise as Ty bent down on one knee. I was concerned he'd fall down the steps all over again! Tourists visiting the monument clapped as I said yes with a completely stunned face.

    We think back on our memories of AU with such pride because it's what brought us together. If it wasn't for those close-quarters at Tenley, or sharing a meal at TDR, or ending our academic career with a beautiful night at the Founder's Day Ball at the Library of Congress, we wouldn't be where we are today.

  8. Terry Sharp, SPA/BA ’74, and Elizabeth Loftus Sharp, SPA/BA ’74

    Terry: We met at the tavern. I liked her upbeat personality. Our first date was to an AU basketball game to watch Kermit Washington.

    Elizabeth: Terry proposed on a walk through the neighborhood around AU. After he proposed, we found the nearest phone booth, squeezed in together and called my parents.

    Terry: We got married at the end of our junior year and graduated side by side.

  9. Lacey Yoder Phillips, SIS/BA ’08, and Landon Yoder, SIS/BA ’07

    Lacey: Before we started dating we both found ourselves on Valentine’s Day at a program on nuclear weapons and terrorist states... so romantic... so SIS. On our first date, we met at the Dav then walked through the neighborhoods behind school toward Glover Park, then up Massachusetts. Before we knew it, we'd been walking and talking for 6 hours.

    Landon: I proposed to Lacey on my knee in the tower of the National Cathedral by a window facing AU. Unfortunately, the lead-up to that moment was less than romantic. Earlier that morning I was running errands to hide gifts along the route of our long walk on our first date.

    I was driving a friend's car, and along the way I saw Lacey on her morning jog. I was so distracted that I got into a minor accident a hundred yards down the road. Nobody was hurt, but it cost me the element of surprise and a lot of time. Ultimately, after talking to my friend who owned the car—he was incredibly gracious!—I regrouped and went ahead with the rest of the plan that afternoon.

  10. Alec Adler and I are 22 years! Thx AU!
  11. Thirty four years together and counting for Dan Beyers and me!
  12. AU Sweethearts 2013

  13. Did your eyes meet across TDR? Did you attend the Founders' Day Ball together? Did you find your one true love on the quad? We know there are as many as 2,500 happy AU couples, and we want to hear from you for our first-ever AU Sweethearts Social Media project.

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  14. Alison Kamine, CAS/BA '73, CAS/MEd '75, and Bob Bloom, CAS/BA '73

    (Below is an excerpt from Alison and Bob's interview with the "New York Times" on their 38-year marriage.)

    Alison: We met at a dorm mixer during our second semester of freshman year. I was not drawn to Bob; he pursued me. ... [On our first date,] we hitchhiked from campus to a movie. It was during the day and a Porsche picked us u...p. We never really dated ó it seems like we almost immediately started cohabitating.

    Bob: This was all during the Vietnam War and about the time of the Kent State shootings. The day after the shootings, the students went out in protest and took over this traffic circle. Melvin Laird [then secretary of defense] drove by and we all surrounded his car. The D.C. riot police showed up and the next day they canceled school for the rest of the year.

    Alison: When school shut down, thatís when our relationship really blossomed. We had so much time.

    Read the rest of their story: " class=""> 

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  15. Dot (Murray) Waugaman, CAS/BA '62, and Paul Gray Waugaman, CAS/BA '61; SPA/MA '66

    Dot: "[For our first date], he took me roller skating with a friends church youth group. Paul had never been roller skating before and was favoring a high school football injury, and I had roller skated a lot in my youth. I held him up most of the evening."