Scientific Rigor for the Courtroom - Capitol Hill Briefing

April 1, 2014: ACS Science & the Congress, with co-sponsor the American Statistical Association, held a briefing on Capitol Hill on improving the scientific rigor and use of forensic science for courtrooms. Panelists spoke on how both legal actors and scientists confront forensics in 2014.


  1. Steve Pierson introducing Courtroom Scientific Rigor
  2. Moderator Jay Siegel @michiganstateu & @IUPUI provided context on the National Academies' report on forensic science (2009 publication)

  3. Jay Siegel, Recommendations for Improving Forensic Science
  4. Edward Cheng @vanderbiltlaw on handling of scientific evidence in courtroom

  5. Edward Cheng, Scientific vs Legal Cultures Regarding Forensics
  6. Suzanne Bell @WestVirginiaU on analysis of gunshot residue

  7. Suzanne Bell, Improving Forensic Use of Gunshot Residue
  8. Mary Bush, SUNY at Buffalo School of Dentistry #UBuffalo on bitemark analysis

  9. Mary Bush, Improving Use of Bitemarks in Court