Markup Day 3

My tweets from the third day of markup, including the end of Title IV (W visa) and the beginning of Title III (primarily E-Verify)

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  1. Hirono 3 was withdrawn while they continue to work on it.
  2. (Break for judicial nominations)
  3. Grassley emphasized that his amendment was something Schumer had agreed with him on previously, but in the end, the committee decided the existing bill language was sufficient.
  4. This included some of the Hatch H-1B amendments. Yesterday, the AP reported that Durbin was holding out for Hatch's assurance that he'd vote for the bill in committee before Durbin would support his amendments: 
  5. Schumer was explaining that they didn't need a biometric entry-exit system for W visa holders because they would have to swipe their passports when they left the country. He argued that if records didn't show that they had actually left, then they 1) couldn't be hired by other employers and 2) officials would know (if I followed that debate correctly).
  6. Graham was trying to make a good argument for compromise here by saying that current law isn't working, so the bill is better than what they've already got.