Senate Immigration Bill Markup Day 4

My tweets to organize the day 4 discussions

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  1. The day started with Grassley questioning the need for some of the asylee protections, especially the elimination of the one-year bar for filing. Durbin did the heavy lifting on pushing back against this.
  2. Grassley also questioned provisions that extend access to counsel to unaccompanied children and mentally ill in immigration courts. 
  3. They tossed around a couple of changes about if the bar should be five years instead of unlimited, so they were going to keep working on that
  4. No one was really opposed to this; it was more a matter of why they liked it. Lots of talk about how refugee communities add to their surrounding cities. 
  5. Grassley was questioning why we needed to offer asylum to Tibetans if they were also able to go to India and other nations because he said the U.S. can't take everyone.