Day 5 of Immigration Bill Markup

From the morning discussion

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  1. Leahy started out talking about how close they were to being done and said he'd skip an opening statement, but Grassley still had a question. 
  2. This was interesting because Durbin explained they could not figure it out in the Gang of Eight and it still hasn't been resolved. He said at this point, it is more of an issue within the Affordable Care Act than it is an immigration issue, so it's something the Finance Committee will likely have to settle. 
  3. Then came the Child Tax Credit
  4. I'm personally not surprised it was a party line vote because this again is a tax issue that divides Republicans and Democrats. 
  5. Her amendment had data collection with strict privacy protections, unlike other amendments that had been proposed about the data collection without the protections. It'll be a wealth of information for Congress and researchers. 
  6. Grassley was concerned about this leading to massive class-action lawsuits AND frivolous claims that people could use to simply delay deportation. 
  7. It would have reshaped the bill's judicial review provisions.