Day 2 of Senate Committee Immigration Bill Markup

Tweets compiled after the fact, so some of the context around the tweets is missing.

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  1. After finishing a few of the border security amendments, the second day of markup was mostly spent on  non-immigrant temporary visas.
  2. is picking up with Feinstein 11 to wrap up from last week. This was the amdt to limit drones especially around big cities.

  3. . is modifying her amendment about drones on the border to limit w/in use around CA towns, not the entire southern border.

  4. (Passed on a voice vote)
  5. Coons is adding a second-degree amendment to his amdt 2 that limits nighttime deportations.

  6. . says there's another AP report out today about how this is not an effective program for repatriation.

  7. And Coons is requiring DHS to study migrant safety/repatriation and to return all belongings to immigrants. Passes on a voice vote.

  8. Now we're on Schumer 1, which fixes grammar and "quasi-technical" changes. 

  9. Schumer 1 passes. Now we're on Sessions 4 (first poison pill of the day) to have full biometric entry-exit before RPIs get green cards.

  10. . says a biometric entry-exit system "can be done." But what about the huge costs and privacy concerns?

  11. Leahy: I don't think a pathway to citizenship should be a false promise. Says triggers are realistic, Sessions' entry-exit requirement isn't

  12. Cornyn says they "considered a number of amdts about border security which failed" and that it was a mistake.

  13. says Sessions has a point about needing biometric entry-exit system, but "problem is we haven't been able to do it"

  14. And Feinstein adds that the enormous costs of implementing a biometric system is a huge limitation--would add $25 billion over 10 years.

  15. Schumer says they tried the biometric system in Atlanta & New York but "more people got through."  (referring to airports)

  16. Feinstein says she's "seen too much fraud" and worries that people could change features to skirt the system.

    (Referring to changing hair, plastic surgery on face, colored contacts so they wouldn't look like the picture on file)

  17. Grassley: "I would take issue with the argument...that this would delay citizenship." Says they shouldn't delay it more than 10 years

  18. Durbin: "I also wanted to address Walt Disney for a minute" b/c Disney has two points of entry (FL and CA) while U.S. has 300+

    (LOTS of comparisons to Disney's biometric system at its parks)

  19. Sessions says Gang of 8 won't "accept anything that deals with the integrity of the bill." 

  20. RT : Here's the article Sessions is quoting from w/ former DHS secretaries Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. 

  21. Graham says biometric entry-exit system is a "good to debate to be having about immigration, but it's not just about immigration"

  22. . asks Sessions how many biometric cards he has in his wallet. Technology is too expensive, not widely used.

  23. Graham says you can count him in for working on a biometric system, but that there are tech and cost barriers to it now.

  24. And even w/out biometric system Sessions wants, Graham says the bill "makes our nation safer"

  25. Sessions Amendment 4 to require fingerprints for entry-exit system fails 12-6.