Day 1 of S. 744 mark-up in the Senate Judiciary Committee

(I put this together after the fact, so it is based on my tweets without additional context on what happened in between. These tweets only represent my personal opinions.)

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  1. At the outset of markup, Leahy kept his comments brief so as to not take up a lot of time, but Grassley had more to say. His concerns about repeating 1986 mistakes were a common theme over the five days. 
  2. Grassley starts his opening statementing comparing this bill to 1986.  #CIR

  3. RT : . going after the triggers in the bill, thinks they aren't strong enough with "no pressure" to secure the border.

  4. .: people need to be convinced this bill will not lead to future waves of illegal immigration. Billions to be spent on border.

  5. .@chuckschumer: Stopping illegal immigration will allow families to be reunited, says it's the "humane" thing to do.

  6. RT : Schumer: S744 is "the best hope for imm reform we have had in this country, and best hope for breaking partisan gridlock"

  7. . says the senators' nameplates tell the story of immigration in the U.S. "We are a nation of immigrants."

  8. . says even Rubio introduced a lot of amendments, so the bill needs a lot of changes.

  9. Sessions thinks the border security measures weaken current law and further weakens "collapsed" interior enforcement.

  10. Sen. Klobuchar lists of the number of conservative economists who support the bill. Says it would help decrease deficit.

  11. .'s examples of immigrants working in the U.S. are making the case for why we need immigration reform.

  12. (If I remember correctly, Cornyn was talking about immigrants working in the U.S. as a reason the immigration system has failed because they're here.)
  13. .: It's "futile" to solve every problem w/ policy at once. Says they need to fix the border first, then the rest.

  14. RT : Sen. Cruz: "The bill has grave problems when it comes to border security."

  15. Sen. Flake says the immigration bill shows "how the Senate should work," coming together to reform policy.

  16. Sen. Blumenthal telling the story of his dad coming to the U.S. "Every one of us has a story like that...Our diversity makes us strong"

  17. .: "Immigrants are human beings with families."

  18. .: If we don't have immigration reform, we're not going to grow. Says the native popoulation isnt growing fast enough.

  19. .: immigration reform is "just about the most important piece of legislation that will come out of this committee."

  20. . is already sounding a little testy as asks questions about high costs, etc. that are stalling .

  21. . wants to know exactly how many new immigrants will enter U.S. under the new bill. Says it could hurt native jobs/wages

  22. But responds to Sessions' by saying it's a matter of what will happen if we do nothing, not how many will come in.

  23. Schumer says undoc immigrants are already competing for American jobs and driving down wages.