1. Issac Piñeda @kairosedtech was the moderator for #MexEdChat. Mr. Piñeda is ADE, Google Certified Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist. His passion is education and technology.
  2. #MexEChat meet every two weeks on Monday at 7pm. #MexEdChat is a chat created by a teacher from Monterrey, Mexico. The chat's focus was on e-books.
  3. Q1: Translation What are your thoughts on the debate of printed books vs e-books?
  4. I agree, but some features on e-books make them more enjoyable for learners. Also, ebooks are gaining popularity. I read more online and ebooks for leisure.
  5. I've never head of #Storybird, but I can't wait to learn more and explore the resource.
  6. Great resources were presented in this question, so I have plenty of new ideas with links.
  7. Q3 Translation: Have you ever enaged in the process of making e-books yourself as part of your instruction?
  8. Flipped Classroom is a great way to share online resources and e-books to students.
  9. Q4 Translation: Have you ever guided your students in the process of making e-books themselves?