Scottish Independence

Why Scotland Shouldn't become Independent

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  1. Hello out there. I’m writing today to discuss the pressing issue of Scottish Independence. I have provided several Storify elements in hopes to provide several view points of the issue. Andy Murray most recently won the men’s single’s at Wimbledon, creating great interest in the country. This is the first time in over 70 years that a Scot’s man has one in Wimbledon. Some of the Storify elements I have chosen have brought up several issues linking Scottish Independence with Andy’s win. I believe this win has created great exposure for the countries current political issues. As well as creating a platform for Scotland’s assets. I choose these articles because they accurately display the issues that Scotland is dealing with at the moment. 

  2. Reporting Scotland 21/03/2013 Scottish Independence (with rest of the days News)
  3. Scotland 2013, Urquhart Castle, castle ruins at Loch Ness
    Scotland 2013, Urquhart Castle, castle ruins at Loch Ness
  4. Comedian Frankie Boyle talks about Scottish independence
  5. Newsnight Review of Alex Salmond's 'Old Firm Summit'
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