The DIY Way of Making the Valentine Candy Boxes


  1. It Valentine’s season once again and love is in the air. But one question lingers on your mind, how will you deliver that well-thought gift to your long time sweetheart? Well, for you to hit the mark, you require following some series of steps to come up with that customized Valentine candy box that you have so wished to own for a long time. It is after you have made such a beautiful box that you end up discovering that you have earned that direct ticket to your lover’s soul, a place that only you out of the many possible suitors fits. You try and ask yourself, which approach will I use to achieve better results? Well, the answer is right here with us and is as outlined below.
  2. Before beginning with your art and craft process, you need to first get hold of a pair of scissors, a cardboard box, spray adhesive, a craft knife, pencil, ribbons, colored paper, and heart shaped templates. Since the best Candy Boxes are the ones made from a range of sizes, it only fits that you create heart-shaped templates that will help you come up with the top and bottom sides of your candy box. For enhanced aesthetics, you ought to attach colored paper also cut out to that heart-like distinct shape with a spray of adhesive and leave to dry. As you have done to the top side, also do to the bottom to achieve that unique look. You can play around with different colors depending on what the person you are making the gift for prefers.
  3. The second and most crucial step that requires your undivided attention is the creation of smaller heart-shaped pieces that will easily fit into your larger heart-like covering. Since these are the pieces where you will store all the candy, it is a general requirement that you create a variation in color to avoid monotony. Just like in step one where you made use of a template to carve out a shape on a cardboard box, do the same as you hope to realize the same results with the smaller boxes. Decorate pieces with colored paper and ribbon as you would so wish and set the different parts aside for assembly. Later on, use the craft knife to cut out several box edges according to the lengths of half the templates you created earlier.
  4. After all the pieces are ready, it is time for you to get them assembled. With your pencil in hand, make an elaborate outline on the bottom side of the larger box where you would so wish all your box edges to rest leaving an even space of about 3/8 inch all around. It is only then that you use the spray adhesive to attach all the box edges to the underside. When the box sides have completely joined with the large heart-shaped bottom, you mark the outer unoccupied space with a marker to enhance aesthetics. The last step compels you to add an extra layer of aesthetics on the upper covers regardless of size using an assortment of ribbons.
  5. In doctrine, it would only take you not more than an hour to complete the entire process. As it turns out, the results are more pleasing since the Candy Boxes are something that you have made from scratch giving you a sense of ownership hence fulfillment.
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