50 Interesting People You Must Meet @ Dreamforce 2014

Since launching in 2012, the team @ Allsalesforce.com has connected with thousands of amazing people in this growing community. We thought it would be helpful to curate a mix of MVP's,CEO/CMOs, Devs, Partners & Salesforce employees for you to meet/follow onTwitter.


  1. Tops on the 2014 List are The Salesforce MVP's (Please buy them a drink, give them a hug & thank anyone you meet with this #MVP tag. These people are the bedrock of the community and you can follow this list from Salesforce to learn more:  https://twitter.com/salesforce/lists/community-mvps  )
  2. Next up, Marc @Benioff - Philanthropist, Visionary, CEO & your host for Dreamforce 2014. Face time with Mr. Benioff will obviously be tough but we're always amazed and inspired by his performance at Dreamforce.
  3. Dan Darcy, Product builder and storyteller @Salesforce. (You know you've arrived when the former Men's Wearhouse CEO George Zimmer is looking forward to seeing you)
  4. Corinne Sklar, (Corinne leads Marketing @Bluewolf and gets our vote for the "Top Marketer " in the community. The State of Salesforce is a runaway winner for best thing we read each year (and we read everything, everyday).
  5. Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, (On a mission to move the masses with Giving 2.0 and we're on board)
  6. Jill Rowley, (ABCs of Social Selling - she'll be the one with a constant crowd around her)
  7. Ann Ruckstuhl - LiveOps CMO advocating for the Consumerization of IT (Ann is one of the top CMO's in the ecosystem and represents a company that we're shocked hasn't been snatched up yet)
  8. Dan Lammot, President @ roundCorner (Changing the way people change the world - Dan is one of great people working in this community and 30 seconds after speaking with him, you'll get why we say that)
  9. Charlie Isaacs, (Passion + "bringing the funny" = Mr. Issacs)
  10. Zachary Jeans, (One of the hardest working guys in Social, Mr. Jeans is a passionate advocate in this community and someone you should try to spend some time with)
  11. Matt Bertuzzi (Dr. Everywhere - Matt's a tireless veteran of the community)
  12. Pat Patterson, (Spreading the word for Devs & one of our fav Twitter handles)
  13. @SNUGSFBay (One of the great ones with a golden reputation for helping)