Twitter Support finally gets its act together

The US social media platform has finally taken action to comply with EU law on hate speech.


  1. A man who used Twitter to racially abuse a Merseyside MP, Luciana Berger, was recently sentenced to four weeks in jail. The official UK body which deals with antisemitism, the Community Security Trust, also took action and reported the man to Twitter:
  2. Certain Twitter users, however, feel that the Community Trust only acted because the victim was high profile:
  3. Ms Berger was personally targeted because of her faith. As far as I can tell, nobody has abused Andrea in any such way. Surely - for this to be the case - Andrea would have to be herself a Jew?
  4. Why would the CST take action on behalf of Andrea?
  5. As for Twitter suspensions mentioned above, Andrea also fails to comprehend that Twitter acted because the account concerned has been continually abusive towards another user. This abuse includes repeating a lie over and over again that the other user received two police cautions for harassment.
  6. It's the exact same lie - one of many - that Andrea has also been repeating over and over again. Andrea and her pal are perhaps unaware that it's possible for citizens to ask for their police records, which can then be sent to Twitter support as proof of such defamatory abuse, which is clearly against Twitter ToS?
  7. In my opinion, Twitter, police and CST all have the measure of Andrea and her friend, who seem to live in a parallel universe to normal, decent human beings. Few people are fooled any longer by these women's diviseness and thirst for spreading their bile and hatred. In fact, the only ones being fooled are themselves.