Hubby, bubbly, toil & trouble down at t'Deli

A closer look at who wears the trousers within the Danczuk couple.


  1. Karen's first interlocutor is Zionist UKIP stalwart Graham Edwards. Isn't it strange how such types tend to forget the snide 'LibLabCon' rhetoric, especially when tempted by the promise of a whiff of a particular Labour councillor's spice box?
  2. However, as it turns out, Karen delegated the task to MP hubby Simon. Karen must surely have more important things to worry about..?
  3. Without being sure and certain, I get the feeling that there's a certain uneasiness within the Danczuk household...
  4. Surely Simon isn't reneging on his political duties in order to please his wife?
  5. And yes, here's proof that whilst Simon was slaving over a hot stove Karen spent the afternoon dolling herself up (apologies for sexism here, but I like to call a spade a spade..)
  6. I hope the Sun newspaper came up with a suitable headline to describe bonfire night chez les Danczuk ?
  7. Remembrance Sunday. 'Lots of people', according to Kaz, but it's only ever about HerSelfie.
  8. A day later, Councillor Danczuk testifies to her unbending faith :