Access To Knowledge For Development (A2K4D)

This is coverage of session 2: The Networked Public Sphere and Civic Engagement, Reflections on Egypt and Tunisia. The session started on Tuesday, June 16, 2014 at 11 a.m. The panelists Rob Faris, Jazem Halioui, Fares Mabrouk and Lina Attalah created intriguing discussions.


  1. The workshop was missing Jazem Halioui, but he gave a video presentation.
  2. After the Chair: Nadine Weheba introduced the session, Rob Faris began his discussion.
  3. Rob Faris wrapped up his discussion, Fares Mabrouk emphasized that we should have a new perspective on social media.
  4. Jazem Halioui, from WebRadar, Tunisia initiated his discussion on utilizing Facebook.
  5. Cheif Editor of Mada Masr and A2K4D Affiliate, Lina Attalah ignites the audience with her insight on media mobilization.
  6. The panelists then gave the floor for questions from the audience.