Writing in English Language Arts

Argumentation, Y'all.


  1. Why is argumentative writing important to English Language Arts?
  2. Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question
  3. Making a good argument is important. Not only a matter of what type of toppings end up on your pizza, it could also be a matter of whether or not you live on in YouTube infamy. But what is argumentative writing? And what does argumentative writing look like?
  4. What is Argumentative Writing?
  5. Writing to Inform and Make Arguments
  6. How can we create authentic writing experiences to motivate student writers?
  7. For many students, having a project to focus on, one that emulates "real world" writing, is one that will necessarily create authentic experiences. Making sure that we, as teachers, are not the sole recipients of student writing and the only ones providing feedback goes a long way into motivating writers.
  8. How can we create student ownership of the writing process and independent learners?
  9. Students must not only learn about the way they think but should also think about the way that others think. Making thinking visible - using graphic organizers and sticky notes - is not only a way to get students moving, but also a way to help them get to thinking about the mostly invisible work of thinking. Annotating articles, learning to ask questions about what they are reading, and going through the writing process are all ways to help students own it.
  10. And just how DO students get better?
  11. Practice.
  12. Feedback.
  13. In short, in order to be prepared for everything - because everything in life is ultimately an argument - students need to practice constructing and delivering effective arguments. To improve argumentative writing, students should have plenty of opportunities to practice writing in real world situations and get plentiful and effective feedback.