Oven Clean Direct– A Greener Way to Clean


  1. Cleaning an oven inan environmentally friendly way can be a real nightmare.
    Many of the chemicalcleaners that are available have awful smelling fumes that couldknock out a horse and leave the user with bloodshot eyes andbreathing problems. Food cooked afterwards can have the aftertaste ofan oven cleaning product for some time.
    There are othersthat are not quite so toxic smelling, but many oven cleaners aren’tthe most environmentally friendly products as they contain very harshchemicals.
    Diethylene GlycolMonobutyl ether is a volatile organic compound harmful to aquaticorganisms
    Monoethanolamine(MEA) studies on a wide variety of freshwater fish show that MEA canbe toxic.
    Butane is a fossilfuel so is far from green!
    Sodium hydroxide isa caustic soda which is used in many products, including in the soapmaking process (but in far less quantities in soap). Aside fromirritating skin and eyes, if exposed to concentrated quantities oringested, it can kill. If Sodium hydroxide is released intowaterways it can alter PH levels and can combine with water vapour inair, creating a corrosive mist.
    There are more greenways to tackle the mess, such as environmentally friendly commercialproducts that contain plant-based solvents (citrus oil) andplant-based surfactants (from soy, coconut or corn). These tend to bein refillable spray packs rather than pressurized cans.
    Of course,prevention is better than cure.
    Using covers whencooking and lower temperatures to prevent splatter should reduce thenumber of times you have to undertake this onerous and messy chore.You can also place a couple of layers of aluminium foil on the floorof the oven (shiny side up), underneath but not touching the heatingelement, to help catch spills. Wiping out your oven with a clothsoaked in vinegar is also said to slow down grease build up.
    At Oven Clean Direct we givecustomers an alternative to the dirty and unpleasant oven clean. Andwe pride ourselves on producing the best results every time,transforming your oven and other appliances back to life and like newagain. What's more we only use eco-friendly and non-caustic products.Oven cleaning is a job that gets put off and without the rightequipment and products it can be a dirty, time consuming jobinvolving the use of some quite toxic chemicals. Oven Clean Directuse the latest methods to bring your oven back to life.