BestKind Of Support Team For Dealing With Anxiety


  1. Noone understands what i'm going through,” doesthis sound familiar? It was my daily thinking during my anxietydisorder, and it is the most common sentence used by sufferers todescribe the people around them who they've opened up to about theirstruggles with anxiety and panic, without much guidance in return.

    AsI look back on my own struggles as well as others I have worked with,I will always have the belief that peoplewho suffer from an anxiety disorder are some of the worlds strongestand bravest people, period.Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day we fight and battleagainst a believed threat to our existence with everything we have.

    Webecome tired and fatigued to the point where getting off the couch isdifficult, but yet we battle on against our biggest fears. Thisunfortunately is adding to the already steep hill that we are forcedto climb in order to achieve full recovery.

    Soin fact, thinking that everyday people in our lives can actuallyunderstand and lead us towards some kind of road map to recoverymight just be asking for too much. I came to the realization that itwasn't my friends or families fault that they didn't understand theintense physical sensations of anxiety, that led me to the emergencywith a full blown panic attack for example.

    I'velearned that all your family members and friends can do is be therefor you in your time of need, and listen to your struggles withcontinued support and optimism that the road to recovery will beavailable to you soon, which you have found through this program (ifunderstood and applied of course, but no reminder is needed ofcourse...right?).

    Atthe peak of Michaels frustration (my close friend who suffered withPanic disorder and depression for many years before recovering) withhis friends and family over not understanding Michaels struggles, hedid the smartest thing any sufferer could do. He bought a short bookabout the facts about dealing with anxiety disorders, he thoughtabout who in his circle of friends cared enough to help him in anyway they could.

    Hehanded his friend the book and told him to read up on what Michaelwas REALLY going through and didn't speak again until his friend hadfully understood and finished the book.