Playful Learning Day 3

The story of #playlearn17 day 3: 14th July 2017


  1. To combat any ill effects from the previous night, a few brave souls were back in the building's sports hall to exercise 'playfully', and create their own smoothies with pedal power.
  2. A final delicious breakfast, and then onto the final three 90-minute workshops.
  3. Attendees then split off into two groups: those following the Toy Takeover headed to the lecture theatre for the game's denouement, whilst the rest gathered to create an infinite loop by evaluating themselves using their own playful evaluation ideas.
  4. And then, the final keynote. Deborah Bullivant silenced the room with wonder as she described her journey to create a magical solution to raising literacy levels in Rotherham.
  5. And that was it. We collected feedback with a twist on last year's 'feedbasket', and the humans and toys then went off on their way home, to hopefully take the play and thinking into their own contexts.
  6. Save the date! Until then... play on.