Playful Learning Day 2

The story of #playlearn17 day 2: 13th July 2017


  1. After a delicious vegetarian breakfast, humans and toys were refuelled for day 2: a full 14 hours of play and learning ahead...
  2. Three long workshop sessions today, with a keynote in the middle and an evening event. First up, workshops on escape room design, playful actvities in Edinburgh's IS Group, and Lego use in Biology.
  3. A break, and time for some toy missions, as the board game café by the wonderful @FanBoy_3 occupied other attendees with learning- and discipline-based board games.
  4. Time for the keynote, and the wonderful Rikke Toft Nørgård from Århus University in Denmark, who took us through playful currricula, signature pedagogies, and play through heads, hands and hearts.
  5. And then lunch, which went down a treat again. A huge thank you to the MMU caterers, who produced the most amazing and delicious vegetarian meals for us throughout, fitting with our policy of reducing our carbon footprint this year. And we had no complaints, and lots of praise, from attendees.
  6. Oh, and Pablo the Penguin popped up for a quick seminar over lunch too.