Playful Learning Day 2

Ultraviolet 80s through to retro-fusion-album covers...


  1. A slightly surreal start to the morning after the pirate map crawl...
  2. And before breakfast, some construction work was beginning on the marble run, that had been expanding since the first day:
  3. And then the first sessions started, with lots of interest in Cheryl Reynold's learning theory game
  4. ...whilst across the landing Dan Barnard was getting people to roll giant dice and create play in public spaces; and Jo Tyler took her participants through an arc of playfulness to explore shifting energy.
  5. Throughout the conference, people were trying out various board games and linking them to their own disciplines, with the help of our wonderful pop-up board game cafe by Fan Boy 3 (based in central Manchester). Oh, and some japanese game or other appeared on many mobiles as the day went on...
  6. Although, behind all the playfulness, there was a sinister presence looming...
  7. Onward to our second keynote. Rosie Jones, soon to be Director of Library Services at the Open University, quickly got us creating, sharing and challenging each other in two teams - as she demonstrated and discussed how playfulness can be incorporated into professional working life. Despite battling evil presences.
  8. Over lunch we're pleased to report that the evil presence was muted by some concerted playfulness. The afternoon sessions saw some participants heading outside to explore the world with Cindy Regalado, while others created medical case histories with Claire and Alex, explored digital security with José Rogado, and found the first sighting of those colourful bricks with Tobias Seidl.