Playful Learning Day 1

The story of #playlearn17 day 1: 12th July 2017


  1. Playful Learning was back! After months of planning a playful experience, it was time to see whether our attendees would enjoy what we had prepared for them.
  2. Our aim was to create an immersive experience, with a range of playful activities on offer throughout the days and evenings. The experience began a week before the conference, as we had asked attendees to bring a toy companion with them, and create a Twitter account for them. We also had games for them to play en route to the conference, which resulted in some strange activity...
  3. On arrival, both humans and toys received their packs. For the humans, that also included a playful handbook containing nine increasingly fiendish puzzles...
  4. ...and for the toys, a mission card and some secret invitations.
  5. After registration, it was time for the opening and first keynote. But first, some hands-on construction as @katiepiatt and @nick_feather helped everyone to create Google Cardboard viewers:
  6. Then it was time for Niki Woods - who shared some great stories of disruption and playfulness involving technology: including a heart-stopping moment when everyone was asked to give up their devices. The stories we heard were therefore private - with only this surreptitious tweet emerging...
  7. Devices recovered, it was on to the first set of sessions - a flavour of which below:
  8. A break for what was to become a theme of delicious snacks and food, and some toy mission completions...
  9. And then on to round 2:
  10. Then humans and toys diverged, as the toys were invited to their own TED talk by @prod_eagle: