Playful Learning Day 3

The morning after through to Kelpies and feedbaskets.


  1. A gentle start after breakfast, and for those with energy to burn a treasure hunt was in progress (via Actionbound)!
  2. And then some difficult choices to make for the final round of workshops. Lego Mindstorms (by Neil Talyor from Lego Education UK) on the right, Virtual Reality play in the middle (Paul Booth & Osman Javaid), and everyday playing with familiar objects (Chrissi Narantzi, Rachel Kelly et al) on the left. Oh, and Giskin was generating conversation around her Sea You, Sea Me design downstairs.
  3. A final coffee, embellishing of the marble run, and chance to try a few games on the Spanish Steps, and then we all huddled into the lecture theatre for the final keynote from Karen Lawson, of the Scottish Government. Yes, really.
  4. Just time, then, for some high stakes risk with everyone's marbles, a few prizes for those important conference roles ('most Tigger-like', 'most red-wine-stealing') and then the dreaded conference feedback. In the form of paper aeroplanes, with a challenge to land them in our feedbasket (TM).
  5. And that was it for 2016: a thoroughly playful and thoughtful three days. From the organisers...