M15: Million Mobilization to Save the Arctic

Today, in President Obama's backyard, we delivered comments from more than one million people who said: President Obama, tell Shell Oil, no drilling in our Arctic Ocean! The time is now to turn Shell's drill ships around!


  1. One Million for the Arctic
  2. The White House was our backdrop today, thousands of miles away from the Arctic Ocean, where Shell Oil hopes to drill this summer. We delivered comments from more than 1 million people, who over just the last few months alone, have written letters, signed petitions and taken photos in polar bear masks to ask President Obama to say no to drilling in our Arctic Ocean. 
  3. Choose whichever - they are jpegs
    Choose whichever - they are jpegs
  4. Outside of D.C., thousands more placed phone calls to the White House with the same message.
  5. And, the New York Times ran an ad signed by Sean Penn, Ted Danson, Bill McKibben, James Hansen and others that asks...
  6. Shell's drill ships are on their way to the Arctic right now,
  7. even though there is no proven way to clean up an oil spill in the Arctic's extreme conditions.
  8. Kotzebue Alaska Ice pile up Front st. 2011
  9. As Shell moves closer to Arctic drilling, environmentalists and others, like insurance giant Lloyd's of London, speak out about the risks of Arctic drilling.