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Twitter Scavenger Hunt

JRMC 202 Pair Assignment. A includes our own tweets for the Hunt, followed by B that includes my top 3 favorite tweets from my class. C includes my top 3 favorite tweets from other schools, followed by D which includes my replies to 3 of other schools' tweets. Finally, E sums up with a reflection.


  1. Here is my story with my partner while doing the assignment of Twitter Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. We were required to go around the campus to get ten answers from different members of the AUC community to ten questions. Here is my story with the assignment. 
  2. A. Our Own Tweets for the Assignment
  3. We were able to catch Ali and get his words to tweet while he was running for class.
  4. After freeing Ali to continue running for his class, luck decided to be to our advantage. We accidentally met Professor Mervat Abou Ouf while wondering around the department. And here is what she said about the role that social media plays.
  5. After we glimpsed her eating, we decided to ask Gira about her favorite place for eating.
  6. Their engagement and busyness in their project caught our attention. We stopped to ask them about what school means to them.
  7. It is usual to see someone holding a ball in the sports center. But it is not when it is seen in the middle of the Plaza. Interesting how he keeps his love to sport even outside its place.  
  8. Here we go with my favorite place at AUC, the library.
  9. Between the library and Caf, behind Plaza, this staircase is my partner's favorite spot on campus for relaxation.
  10. Here is our photo of one of the beautiful scenic spots on our campus.
  11. One of the very dedicated member in one of the community service clubs at AUC states her opinion about these clubs.
  12. This is one of the many examples how the university contributes to "cutting edge research and learning."
  13. A little known fact: Do you know how many buses serve the AUC community? Read the tweet and you will know.