Social media: connecting social work students internationally

This page provides access to a number of useful resources for using social media with social work students.


  1. The following article outlines how three academics from the UK (@Akali65), Canada (@a_knowl) and Australia (@drbrianstout) used the Social Work Social Media App (link below) to help students explore some of the tricky ethical issues practitioners and students can face in practice.
  2. If you are interested in designing apps of your own, the learning theory and technical design processes are also described in this article.
  3. The following video outlines how the app can be used in higher education settings. It provides the perspectives of some students about their experiences of using the app as part of an enquiry-based learning journey.
  4. Below is a Prezi used during the JSWEC 2014 conference. Most of the resources mentioned in this presentation are listed below.
  5. This short video provides a 60 second overview of the Social Work Social Media app.