Teach to Lead: Williamsport, PA Teachership Summit

Representatives from Southern Tiaoga school district as well as Dr. Christina Coach from IU17 presented their community-voted Teach To Lead idea about teacher leadership. US DOE's Maddie Fennel and Laurie Calvert were facilitating the conversation among educators and organizations from PA.


  1. The team introduces their Teach to lead proposal on the concept of "Teachership."
  2. The motivations for Teachership were to address local, but universal challenges in our schools. Led by Superintendent Sam Rotella, the team explains their district and why teacher leadership and collaboration among all leaders was important for meeting the needs of students.
  3. Then, the team identified current barriers existing for teacher leadership both in their district and more broadly.
  4. Both classroom teachers and their building principals discussed how this model could look through a few concrete examples of administration and teachers learning and leading together.