One of the first (and most exciting) assignments of the semester. Completed with Habiba Hany.


  1. I had absolutely no idea what the Twitter Scavenger Hunt assignment entailed, until the day of, where we were instructed to go out into campus and find specific things to tweet about. My partner was Habiba Hany! And boy! Was it exciting!
  2. We scurried into the plaza, and found a bunch of BEC students socializing under the building. We swooped in and asked one of the students our first question: "Where do you get your news?"
  3. Next, we started looking for a "professor on the streets", and ask him/her about social media and how it relates to social change; and who better to run into than Professor Firas Al-Atraqchi? He gave us a pretty profound and contemplative piece of his mind.
  4. For our next item on the list, we had to find an example of how AUC propagates knowledge and understanding. We glanced at a small banner lying in the plaza advertising for an upcoming event: "Dewey and the Cognitive Sciences".. jackpot!
  5. Next, we had to find something on campus which students weren't fully informed about. Making our way to SU cafe, we noticed they had an ice cream stand. HEY; I didn't know that!
  6. Habiba noticed a broad-shouldered jock on his way to the sports complex. "He might be an athelete!" she exclaimed. And indeed he was. Getting a quote from athlete was one of the requirements on the list.
  7. We found one of the booths in the plaza plastered with superhero paraphernalia. The booth was revealed to belong to AUC's Anti Cancer Team, who had a blood donation event on that day. We knew this would make a good tweet for the "extra curricular activity" question.
  8. Watch Habiba Hany's Vine taken on 11 October 2015. It has 0 likes. The entertainment network where videos and personalities get really big, really fast. Download Vine to watch videos, remixes and trends before they blow up.
  9. Next, we had to photograph a student at his/her favorite eating spot on campus. We were lucky to run into Youssef Oraby in Cilantro's long cue. He would argue it was worth the wait.
  10. School spirit... that was a tough one to locate on a Sunday at 12 P.M. We waltzed into the JRMC newsroom and found Mina working on her Caravan story, she seemed to enjoy herself. "Close enough", we thought.
  11. Only a couple of items remained... Habiba and I's favorite spots on campus, and a scenic view on campus.... We took a long walk and ended up in...
  12. Onto Habiba's favorite spot: L'aroma; Can't blame her for loving their coffee.
  13. And finally,, the beautiful gardens were perfect for the scenic view we had to capture.
  14. Almost forgot! Our closing tweet, just to show how exhausted we looked after running and talking to random people for an hour...