Nov 18, 2013 #AfAmEdChat Kicks Off American Education Week

The @AfAmEducation Initiative kicked off American Education Week with a virtual roundtable including guests @joshuadubois @mrmikeblake @revtonylee discussing Faith & Community partnerships that support academic excellence. Read more...


  1. The Nov. 18, 2003 #AfAmEdChat topic was "All in the Family–Effective Faith & Community Partnerships to Support African American Educational Excellence" We start by sharing summarizing tweets of the key themes throughout the discussion.
  2. Next we share questions from the Initiative as well as host and Executive Director, Mr. David J. Johns.  Mr. Johns plays a key role during the roundtable to assist in moving the discussion forward, highlighting key points not directly related to the question series and sharing his views and expertise.  Initiative staff support by highlighting important and thought-provoking subjects through retweets, posting relevant news links and opening and closing the chats.  Each question will be followed by a series of relevant tweets from round table guests and participants from the general public.