What to Expect

We invite you to be our guest. Here's what you can expect.


  1. Jesus
    We talk a lot about Jesus. We sing about Jesus. We do it all for Jesus.
  2. Authentic People
    One thing that makes Advance special is the people. Advance is made of people who are not hung up on a lot of stuff. We all have challenges, we all have issues, and we all work with each other to help. We’re real. Our fellowship is like none other.

    Powerful Worship

    Advance features live musicians, great singers, and use of the big screen. The music is contemporary but the lyrics are timeless. We sing songs about God and to God. The congregation is invited to sing along, if they so desire. Each week the worship experience leads people in the very presence of God. It is an absolutely awesome time.
  3. Relevant Message
    Each week Pastor Bruce, or another minister, preaches a powerful encouraging message that speaks to the daily lives of the congregation. Mixed with humor and personal stories, the messages are deeply rooted in the Bible and spoken with love. Truth and grace are balanced in each message.
  4. Not Religious
    Advance does not have a list of religious rules and ideas that you must conform to. Super-religious people tend not to hang around us. Our religion is simple: love Jesus and love people.
  5. Be You
    We understand that we all are in different places in our spiritual journey. If you are a spiritually mature person, you will relate to the depth of the Word and the glorious worship. If you are finding your way, you will be comfortable with others who are journeying too. We don’t believe in conforming to some idea of what a Christian is. We believe in becoming like Jesus.
  6. Get Comfortable
    We believe in the age-old saying “come as you are”. If you want to wear a suit, go for it. If you wear jeans and a t-shirt, you will feel right at home. We encourage you to dress comfortably.
  7. Refreshments
    After each gathering, enjoy a cup coffee and/or refreshments on us.