Bruce H. Clark

Founding Pastor


  1. Family
    Pastor Bruce is in love with "the girl of his dreams." He and his wife Stephanie have been married for 23 years and have three children.
  2. Ministry
    In his youth, Pastor Bruce was a protégé of the late Rev. Dr. Freddie H. Dunn of New Hope Baptist Church. Under Rev. Dunn's tutelage, Pastor Bruce led Bible classes and was leader of the Youth Ministry. He was a founding member of the Faith in Action Evangelistic Team, ministering to at-risk youth in inner-city New Orleans. Involved in campus ministries since 1983, he served in Noonday Prayer Christian Fellowship and as founder of the Critical Mass Young Men's Ministry at Howard University.
  3. While at Howard, he was part of a group of students who were mentored by Tom and Barbara Skinner. Pastor Bruce was ordained as a Minster of the Gospel in 1990 released in honor in March of 2004 to pastor Advance Church.
  4. Pastor Bruce was a founding member of Kingdom Life Christian Center, where he served as an Elder. He is also the Overseer of Crossroads Church Malawi.
  5. Business
    Pastor Bruce was managing partner of Hunter Dunbar, LLC, a consulting company helping business and non-profit organizations clarify their visions and strategic directions. He served as partner/vice-president of an infrastructure technology consulting firm providing business solutions and technology integration services to Fortune 500 companies around the world.
  6. He founded Father's Business Online, the first internet services company dedicated to supporting the Washington, DC Christian community. In the public sector, he has been a consultant to senior government officials, prepared assessments for congressional approval, and provided program management support for major technology implementations.
  7. Pastor Bruce worked with the President of the National Baptist Convention of America to introduce Internet technology to member churches. He also developed one of the first software packages for churches Church Automation System (CAS). CAS has been successfully deployed in churches around the country.
  8. Education
    Pastor Bruce has an Advanced Management degree from the National Defense University and an MS in mathematics from Howard University. He has over thirty years of hands-on ministry experience.
  9. Motto
    Trust God.
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