Students... Undecided? Check out the jobs of the future!!!

Wondering what to do? Undecided in your direction of study? This will give some insight to where the jobs will be at in the future. As everyone knows... a good career will bring you the dough!


  1. I really like this article for the facts it puts out about the percentages of increases in job numbers, and the percentage of increase in pay also. It also gives a nice list of the jobs that were once popular, but are now dying.
  2. The following will go more into detail about each of the jobs listed in the article above:
  3. 10. Optometrist
  4. 9. Occupational Therapist
  5. 8. Veterinarian
  6. 7. Medical Scientist, Except Epidemiologists
  7. 6. Audiologists
  8. 5. Dental Hygenist
  9. 4. Physical Therapist
  10. 3. Analyst & Marketng Specialists
  11. 2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  12. 1. Biomedical Engineer
  13. This is a nice little piece about where jobs will be and even gives a visual of each one and nice description.