Common Jobs for Emergency Plumbers

Why getting a plumber in an emergency is a good idea!


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  2. There are a variety of different emergency plumbing jobs that can arise and they always happen at the worst times, like on a Monday morning when you’re getting ready for work or on a Saturday afternoon when you’re trying to relax for the weekend with some friends around a BBQ and even on public holidays when no one is around.  Some of the more common emergency plumbing jobs which I get called out to are as follows:
    Blocked drains : it’s not until that final flush of the toilet bowl or that last load of washing is done that all of sudden the water won’t go down, yes you’ve got a blocked drain and you need it fixed urgently because there is sewerage overflowing in the house!

    Broken water pipes : usually someone’s out gardening or they are having some renovation work performed and the mains water supply is broken, everyone needs fresh water and it’s not until you don’t have it that you actually realise how vital this is.
    Gas leaks : You smell gas and call the gas company, they come out test your gas pipes to the house and they tell you that the gas must remain off until a licensed gas fitter attends, locates the leak and fixes it, all of a sudden you have no hot water, no heating and no oven to cook with.

    No Hot Water : the pilot has gone out and won’t relight, the tank has started leaking, the water is warm not hot coming out of the taps from your hot water heater.  All these issues mean that no one can have a shower or bath and the washing of clothes and dishes needs to go on hold until the hot water can be fixed, in most cases this cannot wait.

    Water won’t stop running out of the taps : either a washer has broken or the tap has seized up leaving you with constant running water, this needs immediate attention especially if its running all over the floor and flooding your house!
    The toilet bowl is continually running :  it won’t stop filling up, in most cases the inlet or outlet valves have failed and need replacing to stop the constant flow of water.

    Roof leaks : during a storm either a piece of the roof comes off or a tree branch damages the roof or the gutters block which then allows water to enter the roof of the house which then starts flooding.

    Gas oven won’t stay alight : most commonly in commercial premises when the chef comes to prepare for the nights meals and finds that the oven won’t light.  This can be for a number of reasons but mostly is due to fat build up on the thermo couple or gas jets preventing them from keeping the gas alight and cooking the food.

    Broken toilets and hand basins : usually at a public venue (hotel or night club) which leaves sewerage and water gushing out from the walls and floors.  This needs immediate attention from a plumber.

    Broken Pump for either Storm Water or Sewer station : when this happens there is an immediate build up of either water or sewerage and the pumps need to be fixed straight away to allow discharge again to avoid major flooding problems.
    Above is what I find most of my customers consider to be a plumbing emergency and feel the need to call me out of normal operating hours because the problem cannot wait another day or even another hour to be resolved and are willing to pay the extra charge to have the plumbing emergency resolved as soon as practicable.  
    This is not to say that these are the only plumbing emergencies around, but in my 20 years of plumbing I have these few jobs listed above to the most common call outs. Check out Mayfair Plumbing for more info on emergency plumbing.
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